Saturday, 5 November 2011

too much booze + sleeping girlfriend = sponaneous steampunking

It was Friday evening, I had returned home late from work after indulging in a few drinks on my way. Alfie was drifting off to sleep while L.A. Ink argued with itself on the TV screen. Idly my mid drifted to the un-marked skin on both my legs, but dismissed such thoughts until I were sober enough to make a decision I would not regret.

Bessie hummed calmly to herself in the corner of the room, monitor displaying the religious iconery of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I looked at her, feeling drawn to her. Quietly so as not to disturb my sleeping partner, I stepped over the corpses of angrily devoured pizzas, their shattered husks of corrugated card spilled across the living room floor and picked up the stylus.

Too tired and my mind still foggy from alcohol I was in no condition to bring my A-game, so I left the half finished files of my comic alone and started idly stroking marks across the screen. The next hour passed in happy haze as I picked up pace and layered more and more pixels across the screen, then as impulsively as it had started it was over. I looked at the monitor, smiled, lit a cigarette and softly whispered “we should do this again sometime” then allowed myself to drift off to a satisfied slumber.

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